Here’s what people are saying about Dr. Myers…

I just started seeing Dr. Myers because I am pregnant and having a lot of back and pelvis pain. He has been so helpful! He is very knowledgeable and works on me both gently and effectively. I would highly recommend him!
I have had tremendous relief in my neck and upper back by getting treatment at Myers Chiropractic. It seems too few people understand the significant impacts good chiropractic care can bring. Dr. Myers really cares for his patients. I highly recommend!

Best Hands in Redmond – With a skeptic attitude, I was advised to go to a chiropractor. To my delightful surprise, I have had a tremendous experience. I have been suffering from dizziness and the doctor told me upright and didn’t feed me any line of miracle cures or anything like that. He just worked hard on my neck and shoulders and it has been 4 weeks and I have had no dizzy spells since. So this is one critic that has a new and high respect for chiropractors. – R. Rogers

I’m a dancer and have been having trouble with my pain in my ankles, treatment with Dr. Myers has allowed me to continue pointe work without pain and with increased flexibility. He worked with me to understand my needs and problems, as well as to set a treatment plan that was temporary and phased out visits as soon as my ankles started to recover. He is realistic with his goals for adjustments and makes sure to ask you to come in only when it is necessary. I always feel safe having him do adjustments and never worry that the body work will be harmful. Dr. Myers and his staff are also friendly and helpful. My appointments are convenient and fast so I can fit them easily into my demanding schedule. Overall, my experience with Myers Chiropractic has been wonderful and I would suggest him to any of my friends! – A. Miller

Dr Myers is wonderful. He has treated my baby daughter since she was very tiny and also myself. My little girl was an extremely irritable colicy baby who also had a large head and trouble learning to sit. Within a couple of weeks of seeing Dr Myers she sat unaided and her disposition greatly improved! I had a lot of post pregnancy low back pain which he’s cured, and I love that he takes his time with patients, is kind and gentle, and clearly cares about your wellbeing (not just getting as many patients as possible in & out for as much cash as possible like some chiropractors in the area!). Highly recommend! – Katie