Chiropractic Strengthens Immune System

Can Chiropractic Care Strengthen Your Immune System?

StrengthenImmuneSystem-MyersChiropracticSomething most of us encounter during this time of year (well, almost any time of year), is the common cold…a true signal that our immune system may need some support.

Can anything be done to prevent a cold? Yes.

  • Air your living space out regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat whole foods.
  • Take antioxidant supplements and a high quality multivitamin daily.
  • Most importantly, manage your stress by taking time out to reflect and exercise.

If a virus overcomes your immune system and you begin to feel symptoms, echinacea and hot fresh ginger tea can help boost your immune system and reduce the symptoms (echinacea should not be taken by people with autoimmune disorders).

Doing all of the above and receiving regular Chiropractic Adjustments will strengthen and maximize your immune system’s ability to function. A strong immune system can handle the annual invasion of “the crud”.

This all sounds great…

But how does Chiropractic Care boost your immune system?

Spine-MyersChiropracticIsn’t chiropractic just about adjusting the spine? Well, yes, and no…here’s a little bit of Anatomy 101 that many people aren’t aware of:

The nervous system, which is directly related to the spine, the endocrine system and the immune system are all intertwined. Together, they function to help your body respond correctly, to adapt and to heal. When your spine is out of alignment (subluxation), compression of the nerve pathways occur, which causes the body to become stressed, abnormal changes occur, your immune system does not respond correctly, and you become more susceptible to a cold or other illness. These subluxations create poor communication between your immune system and your brain.

When a person receives an adjustment for a spine that is out of alignment, stress on the nervous system is reduced and better communication between the brain and the immune system is restored, thus allowing your immune system to do its job better.

The idea that receiving regular chiropractic care will promote a healthy immune system is not new, there have been many research studies which support this.

Contact my office if you have any questions about preventing and treating cold symptoms, supporting your immune system or about how Chiropractic care might help you and your family.


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