Chiropractic Benefits

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

ChiropracticBenefits-MyersChiroChiropractic adjustments improve the body’s ability to function. After a chiropractic adjustment, people experience improved range of motion and overall function. Patients also sleep better, digest their food more efficiently, have fewer headaches, decreased asthma attacks, improved immune responses…the list goes on and on!

Probably the biggest benefit of receiving Chiropractic Care is the reduction or elimination of pain…rather than “masking” the pain like some medications do, chiropractic care works on the source, or cause of the pain in order to treat the problem.

Some of the pain that is effectively treated by chiropractic are:

Other Chiropractic Benefits:

  1. Drug & Surgery Free: Many people today are looking for methods other than surgery or drugs to deal with their pain or problems, and one of the beauties of Chiropractic Care is that it works without the use of either of these. All too often, people are either rushed to the pharmacy for pain meds, or into the operating room for surgery. That’s not to say these treatments aren’t necessary, because often times they are. But Chiropractic doctors believe the body has the ability to heal itself naturally, and their job is to help the body achieve the right conditions in order to do so.
  2. Chiropractic is Complimentary Care: Because it is drug free, chiropractic care can compliment any other treatment you may be receiving for chronic pain conditions by a medical doctor.
  3. ChiropracticPregnancy-MyersChiropracticChiropractors Treat Many Conditions Other Than Pain: Many people are unaware of all the other benefits of Chiropractic Care, it extends to many other conditions:
    1. Provides pain relief during pregnancy and labor and with postpartum depression.
    2. Help after auto accidents
    3. Help with arthritis
    4. Can be considered preventative care
    5. Can strengthen your immune system
    6. It can help with inflammation of the joints
    7. It can help with bedwetting (Enuresis)
    8. Improve your sleep
    9. Help improve posture
    10. Help lower blood pressure
    11. Improve athletic performance

This list can go on and on…

I am interested in helping my patients improve. Most come into my office experiencing pain, so, efficiently eliminating their pain and getting them back to doing what they love is what I love to help them with. I don’t recommend long term care plans to make big changes to parts of your body that you didn’t know had a problem. When you leave my office, you will either feel better or will know who to go to that will help you more than I can.

If you want a better life, to feel more alive, and be more active, try Chiropractic…Contact Me Today!


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