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As a profession, chiropractic is diverse. I’ve tried many approaches and keep coming back to one traditional understanding; keep it simple.


I am interested in helping my patients improve. Most come in with pain, so efficiently eliminating their pain and getting them back to doing what they love is what I love to help them with. I don’t recommend long term care plans to make big changes to parts of your body that you didn’t know had a problem. When you leave my office, you will either feel better or will know who to go to that will help you more than I can.

If I am helping you, I’ll also give you tools that will help you help yourself stay out of trouble in the future.

I find that the less I understand an explanation of the problem, the less I can trust the messenger. I work with body parts that aren’t working as well as they are designed to work. I do what I can to help those parts work better. This doesn’t have to take long, and usually doesn’t.

Is the solution rational, helpful and efficient? Yes, in my practice, I live by these questions.

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